Monday, April 7, 2014

Liberal won majority government; Quebec and Canada won today by defeating the hate

I am not a Liberal supporter and I don't trust them but this was a necessity to clear the province from the hate mongers.  It is a message.

I don’t believe that a majority government is good, and I am for a minority government until we adopt an election system based on proportional representation. But this time majority Liberal is a message as well

The message to all politician, you can’t take the people’s support for grant. This message is for a unified Canada, against the separation. A message for acceptance and human rights and against discrimination. A message for language equalization and against language domination.

Quebecers from different ethnic and religious background worked hard and defended their adopted home land, among them the communities most targeted; Jewish, Hindu and Muslim.  I am proud of Quebecers and especially proud of belonging to the Muslim community and all ethnics in Quebec did a great job.

Congratulation Quebec and all of Canada and yes there is
better life after the PQ

Democracy works, hope that those who don't understand this word learn something.


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