Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gaza's Ark - Ship of Hope: We need your help

Got friends?
We need your help, and theirs!

Thank you to everyone who donated in response to our recent appeal.  You helped us raise a significant portion of the amount needed to fund the electrical work.

Many of the donors, however, were people who have given before. We don't want to keep asking the same people over and over again, so this time we are asking you to help in a completely different way. We still need another $80,000 before we can set sail, and we need to tell as many people as possible about our project to generate even more interest worldwide.

Please help spread the word about Gaza's Ark, by email, Facebook, Twitter, or even the old-fashioned telephone and/or paper. You can download printable fliers here. (in several languages).

We want to quadruple our support base by reaching out to all of the friends of the friends of Gaza's Ark.

Please help us now by choosing any or all of the following:

1. If you have a Twitter account, please send the following suggested tweet or similar one:

Please support @GazaArk  Sailing from #Gaza carrying goods to trade - challenging the siege from the inside out!

Copy the tweet, click here to go to Twitter, paste and tweet from your account!

2. If you have a Facebook account, copy the text below, click here, and paste on your Facebook status bar:

Please support Gaza's Ark. Sailing from Gaza carrying goods to trade - challenging the siege from the inside out!  We need another $80,000 before we can sail. Can you help?

3. Forward the following appeal by email to your lists and friends:

About Gaza's Ark

We are refurbishing a boat in Gaza, converting it from a fishing boat into a cargo vessel. Gaza's Ark will carry goods to trade with the outside world, and attempt to break the illegal and immoral blockade of Gaza from the 'inside out'. 

You can see photos of the boat here and videos here.

We are planning to sail in a few months time and need your help. We have raised $220,000 but still need another $80,000 before we can set sail.

If you would like to donate, please click here. No amount is too small.

Please also subscribe to our “e-mail updates” by entering your e-mail address on the website in order to receive regular updates on our progress. 

Thank you!
Gaza's Ark Steering Committee


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