Friday, April 4, 2014

Let us together have a better life after the PQ

Let us together have a better life after the PQ

Mohamed Kamel

Jean Dorion a first generation separatist, former Bloc Quebecois MP, and one of the people who worked very closely with René Levesque says ‘there is life after PQ’
Jean Dorion refuses to support the Parti Quebecois, calling their proposed Charter not "respectable”

In Brossard ‘La Pinière ridding’ for the first time, the PQ isn’t presenting a candidate and is instead supporting an ex-Liberal, only because they share the same vision of “discrimination and hate mongering”.

It is the time for all Quebecers to unit under one slogan, Quebec for all not for Marois, Pepin and their gang. 

On Monday April 7th, we have the choice to whom you vote, but you have to be aware that a vote for the PQ is a vote for discrimination and for illusion created by hate mongers. If you are a leftist, PQ is not the left created by Levesque. If you are for the independence of Quebec, PQ is not the party that can achieve your dream. If you are for a better future, PQ doesn’t know how to build a future. If you are for a better economy, PQ is destroying what remained of Quebec’s economy. If you are a right wing, PQ is not even a right wing. Choices are the Liberal, CAQ, QS, Option, Green… all could make a difference but not the PQ.

My choice is QS where Liberal have no chance to win, and Liberal everywhere else, visit the site see last election results and be the judge.
Let us regain the Quebec for all


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