Tuesday, November 15, 2011

With Bobby Sands in an Israeli jail by Ehab Lotayef


After my abduction by the Israeli navy from International waters on Nov. 4th and imprisonment with the delegates and some of the journalists from both the Canadian boat (Tahrir) and the Irish boat (SEER-shuh) for days, we are all now free and out of Israel.


I started the poem below in jail and I dedicate it to my Irish prison mates from whom I learned a lot.

With Bobby Sands

in an Israeli jail

Demand your rights
with Celtic pride
tyrants break down
and walls collapse

The prison cells
are cardboard props
The bars and chains,
just in your head

A spirit, free, can’t be subdued
Believe, and it’s all in your hands

Now close your eyes,
look deep,
you’ll see
and Palestine
… both free

Ehab Lotayef
Cell 11, Block 5, Givon Prison, Ramla, November 8, 2011


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