Monday, January 21, 2013

Fr. Robert Assaly letter to Dawson College, the letter

[In response to the unjust action taken by Dawson College in regard to the expelling of Mr. Al-Khabaz ;
Fr. Robert Assaly one of the outspoken for justice wrote this letter to Dawson College, the letter is addressed to:
·         Mr. Paul Pemberton, the Registrar
·         Copied the company responsible of the college system;
Thanks to Fr. Assaly]

Dear Mr. Pemberton,

I have a daughter attending Dawson, and a son who graduated last year, and another who is considering Dawson after High School. I write you as Dean of Student Records.

I also note that I have son graduated from John Abbott, which I believe also uses Omnivox.

If there is not much more to the  CBC report on the expulsion of Mr. Khabaz, suffice it to say we are appalled. Further note that as a parent I can accept that mistakes are sometimes made, in this case with poor quality computer programming that led to the vulnerability of my children’s personal information. What I cannot accept is the metaphorical shooting of the messenger, Mr. Khabaz. 

Moreover, Dawson by doing so, in seeking to cover its tracks rather congratulating him for detecting the error, is exposing my children’s records to unauthorized access and Dawson to ridicule. I think it advisable that:

1.  This Kafkaesque expulsion of Mr. Khabaz be reversed immediately;
2.  A very public apology be issued to him;
3.  He be financially compensated as a consultant for bringing to light electronic security flaw, in an amount equivalent to that spent or what should have been spent by Dawson and Skytech on computer and records security, or a flat $100,000. That amount is potentially recoverable by Dawson from Skytech.
4.  All students be assured that despite the College’s reputation for mediocrity, excellence will never again be punished at Dawson.
5.  a reply to this email be forthcoming.


Robert Assaly


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